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Erik Bartlett

Owner & Founder

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Cathy Bartlett


Runaround was created to build a foundation for the active community.

Our top priorities are providing unmatched customer service and building lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and unique fitting process for whatever activity you’re involved in. It’s our job to help you understand your body; it’s your job to use it.

The Run Around Running Co. was created to promote an active and healthy lifestyle in Joplin and surrounding areas by providing a wide assortment of running shoes and apparel as well as running tips for health and nutrition. We strive to offer an unmatched shopping experience by providing excellent customer service, unmatched product knowledge, and building strong relationships within our community.

The Run Around Running Co. is locally owned and operated by co-owners Cathy and Erik Bartlett. The Run Around provides the only free slow motion video gait analysis and digital foot scan analysis in Joplin, MO, which ensures each customer has a unique experience and gets the proper shoe fitting for his or her foot type and activity. This allows us to customize each athletic shoe for the person, maximizing its efficiency and helping with injury prevention. 

Competitor Magazine recently named The Run Around Running Co. one of The 50 Best Running Stores in the US. Over 1,000 running shoes stores across the country were rigorously evaluated on customer service, product assortment, shoe fitting process, and community involvement. The Run Around was honored to be named in Top 50, and to be considered one of the top athletic shoe stores in the country has been a top goal for the owners since the day they opened. “Being a Top 50 has been a dream come true, but we know there is a lot of work to be done and are honored to take on the challenge,” said owner Erik Bartlett. 

The Bartlett’s opened their doors in May of 2010 with hopes they would encourage the Joplin community to adapt a more active, health-centric lifestyle with a focus on nutrition. The Run Around offers a wide selection of walking and running shoes along with an assortment of running apparel. The Run Around prides itself on stocking the best of the best in the running industry with an always-changing inventory selection from a constantly changing and booming industry.