Run Around Running & Lifestyle Co. is able to time your events.  We chip time our events using Chronotrack systems.  This allows your races to be timed in a complete and professional manner so you can worry about other aspects of the event you are putting on.

Highlighted Features of our timing system:

– Advertise your race on our race calendar

– Race day registration

– Fast results processing (official results within minutes for finish)

– Inflatable Finish Line

– Live Results as runners cross the finish line

– Race Bibs

– Results posted online at Run Around Running & Lifestyle Co. website

– Online registration

  Chronotrack Live delivers real-time race updates, results, video and photography into online,    mobile and social experiences

      Every race director will be set up with a Race Director Check List to help manage a quality event

For a quote or more information on our timing services contact Erik Bartlett at erik@runaround.co




Our chip timing option features ChronoTrack equipment, the industry leader in timing for endurance events. The chip timing option allows you the availability for use of ChronoTrack Live which features online registration, on-site registration, dynamic race check-in, online real-time results, mobile results, mobile and social media athlete updates, athlete digital photography and athlete video. The timing is complete with RFID technology as well as disposable timing tags reducing the need for volunteers at the finish line to re-collect tags.

Our Chip Timing Includes:

1.  Disposable RFID timing tags - B-Tag, D-Tag, Tri-Tag

2.  Least invasive timing

3.  Awards and results available instantaneously as participants finish

4.  Customized detailed reports

5.  Race day data entry provided

6.  Final Results posted onsite within 15 minutes of last finisher

7.  Results posted on website same day (www.runaround.co)

8.  Triple Backup Finish System

9.  "Net" Time for participants - participants time starts as the cross the start line and stops as they cross the finish line - the most true timing of a participants performance

10.  Results and awards showing both "Gun" Time and "Net" Time available

11.  Entire staff provided to handle finish, timing and results - no volunteers needed

12.  Live streaming of results online

13.  Onsite live results

14.  Text message and social media updates

15.  Athlete Video - available at any timing point

16.  Athlete Photography

17. Online Registration - provided at no charge


We offer race consulting, management, and marketing strategies to event directors seeking to improve event quality. We can customize a package specifically for your event for all different levels of commitment and budgets. We will provide connection to various partners who handle everything from shirts, awards, running store and club promotion, race marketing and advertising sites. Our connection with area partners includes: networking and interactions with thousands of runners in the store, at races, through social media, or during after a run with our local community. Over the last 6 years we have taken the time to learn what runners want from their racing experience. Now we can share that knowledge with you. Scheduled meeting time is required for this service.